The sub-title of the current exhibition of this highly talented artist, Alina Matsa, could be: A visual “ode” to the unique atmosphere and light of the Greek landscape. Since the beginning of her career, the artist has been inspired and has been paying tribute with genuine passion, to this characteristic and enchanting quality of “light” in our country. 
Immersed through to her very core–her DNA so to speak - with this characteristic energy and glow of the Greek light, the artist manages to constantly regenerate- from within- her form of expression, never straying from her ideals or borrowing acquired solutions just for the sake of impressing. Whatever her chosen theme, she conveys to us in full, the very essence of the Greek earth, the metaphysical configurations of our country’s sky, the transparency or luminosity of light with the eloquent reflections on the liquid element. 
In essence, by the various materials and their apt blending, she creates, a balanced “ambiance”, in perfect connection with this Greek “uniqueness”. Instinctively she picks up the element (genius locus) of the landscape, which has captivated her, and reinvents it through her highly sensitized awareness conveying to us it’s “aura”. At the same time, however, in a homeopathic way, through a seemingly realistic composition, stemming from her basically lyric nature, she conveys feelings and situations that engage us in a cosmogenic energy, both in texture and intensity. 
In Matsa's paintings, even the smallest but always meaningful detail is, at all times, embraced in the principal theme with indescribable charm. Every tree or meadow, every flower or coastline, every structure, is integrated and always presented with a strong collaborator: the charismatic colour / light and vice versa. The colour activated according to the surrounding atmosphere, enriches the compositions lending them a metaphysical element. Sometimes with a captivating intensity and sometimes in milder tones, the colour continuously triggers, superfluous energy that rules in cosmogony. It is precisely this transcendence that characterizes every one of her projects transforming them into transmitters and receivers in a profound communication with the viewer. A communication, which ensures timelessness, and supports the ‘contribution’ of the painter to the world of art. An artist who knows how to turn a deaf ear to the sirens of deceptive trends.   Reacting to any common description, Matsa's compositions are submerged “to the core” in the charisma of the “substantial” and at the same time, they are undoubtedly authentic.
This is why, above all, they represent the very concept of ultimate harmony. Each composition coexists as a dual contribution to the field of arts: the “visual writing” is transformed, into “poetry”. The poetic feeling emanating from her work, is indeed exceptional: The compelling, almost physical depiction of the soil, under the midday scorching sunlight. The eloquent curves of the hills that reveal, the tonal and light transformations during the same day. The transparency of the waters of a lake or swamp in contrast to the rich nature, around them. A landscape enriched with various tones of tranquility in the late afternoon…. The multi-significant presence of a landmark-tree between the earth, the wet element and the sky – enhanced magnificently by the expert use of colour and light. The metaphysical element is definitely ever present. Indeed, the thorough transformation of matter into spirit, present in Matsa's paintings, fully verify Plato's definition of authentic art. That is, art must represent an Idea and not be an imitation. A particularly difficult venture in the century of “icon” and globalization, in which, however, the charismatic painter responds with a constantly renewed and intense crescendo.

© 2015 Alina Matsa