Matsa’s new work progresses to a new theme, proposing boldly-dimensioned flowers, which at times in solitary accuracy and at other times in graceful co-existence, balance on the knife edge between metaphysics and kitsch, startling and capturing the viewerΒ’s gaze: at times meticulously drawn and at other times suggestively depicted oversize flowers, fragile in volume and explosive in colour of unexpected mixture and hue, which remain sunk in a material world; ploughed under, once again, by unexpected syncopations of rhythm, technique and motif; investigating the interstices of the two-dimensional surface; cause the visitor to gradually penetrate the painter's flowering universe. Matsa’s sensuous Garden of Eden, contrives to touch the innermost kernel of a common theme, proposing a changeable kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, functioning as a complex artistic field of sculptural encounters and poetic inventions - transferring to the viewerΒ’s gaze a precious piece of the euphoria that motivates the painter's own brushstrokes. At times the silken texture of a petal or the tenderness of a stalk, at other times the clamorous use of orange or a vivid yellow of a ciliated surface, invent new visual foci, daringly touching on the very epicenter of vision. IRIS KRITIKOU -Art critic & historian 2010

© 2015 Alina Matsa