As I entered Alina’s art studio I let myself get carried away by color and the rich sentiments this color triggered. I asked myself: Can one actually classify sentiments? I’m afraid that this would be impossible, unless one intended to avoid the truth in the paintings that stood before me. And the truth is that Alina’s studio is soaked in colour. Colour which flows off the canvas wanting to escape. Colour borrowed from familiar seas and skies, from Mediterranean landscapes, exuberant, rich, colour. The technique she uses is with mixed media and the surface is often treated according to the “rules” of Renaissance murals. Putty, acrylics and varnishes "built" on wooden canvases, sometimes give the impression of depth and sometimes of transparency. Apparently the preoccupation of the artist with mural painting is not random since she was initiated into the secrets of textures, by an unusual Italian artist. Spontaneous, honest and not at all accidental is the ease with which she reproduces traces of decorative stamps in many of the compositions: Not at all as "mannerisms" but as a seal from her passage in the field of applied arts (she was taught in Philadelphia and London), but also from her subsequent career path. The works, which you now have in front of you, seem based more on emotion than on some complex mental processes rendering them above all, authentic. KRISTA KONSTANDINIDI Art critic 2003

© 2015 Alina Matsa