Alina Matsa usually uses alchemy of materials in a mixed, thick layer, demonstrating the processes that take place in the subconscious as she sublimates the stimuli she receives. The sensations provoked by her works, through their transparent field of stratification, present a link between dreams and reality, impressions and memory, as the visible are transformed. Alina Matsa through the reliefs of her painting projects, opens up a dialogue between depth and surface, using a mixed parallel perspective, which includes elements consisting of both the classical, and the atmospheric. The viewer feels adrift: Attracted from the entity of motifs and simultaneously distanced. Essentially the painter presents a stratigraphic overlapping of fields that dictate a multiple focus of the gaze as it sinks and rises continuously, detecting meanings that creep behind and beyond the visible. It opens up a dialogue with memories and sensations from archetypes and constantly changing impressions. Nature is used as a metaphor of the ephemeral of the ways in which reality is transformed into a dream and the dream of the multiple versions of everyday life, implying more than just a lyrical facade. ATHINA SCHINA 2007 Art Critic

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