The universe of Alina Matsa has the image of the ideal. In her world, life, nature and creation are depicted with purity, emotion and the urgency of the artist to express “the dream”. She leads us into colourful fields, where land is a blossomed carpet, weightless, rising above the ground to grant us lightness and bliss. Her images radiate feelings of tranquility and balance reminiscent of a carefree excursion at a seaside village, with freshly painted houses, on a human scale. She paints her dreamy landscapes with vivid and rich colours, wanting to stimulate the viewer’s emotions towards something that does not exist, but wishing for it to happen. Looking at her paintings, Alina Matsa produces this picture in our psyche the picture of a “dream-land”. Rightly so, since the world we live in is based on the daily practice of life and has nothing in common with the world of the Arts. Maybe the world we live in should be created by “artists” and earthly matter, so that we humans can live, love and flourish within it and with it. Mariza Fassianos 2014

© 2015 Alina Matsa